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Merideth Brooks



  1. My Beautiful Angel,
    I would always accommodate your needs and never say “no”. That bracelet is not a stigma, it means that your family cares. I never even knew you wore it. I bet the folks that can help you do so with joy in their hearts. Lord knows that you would be there in a heartbeat if someone needed you. You’re a most generous ,compassionate girl and I so love that about you. You will make a fine contributor to the folks you will treat in the future. Funny how you have to “be hit in the head” literally speaking, before you know what God has in store for you. Boy, does he have a big job waiting for Meri.
    Love you more than all the fleas on all the dogs in the world,

  2. I never had a sister and I envy you yours. Enjoy all that life has to give. You have a wonderful talent for expressing yourself. That is a tremendous gift. I know your family is proud of you and justly so. Good job.

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