My Rad Dad. 

He probably sang and played to me in the womb, because before I could even remember music has been our thing. 

Growing up I remember dancing on his office table to Cracker, he burned me cd’s of James Taylor to fall asleep to. My first concert was Stone Temple Pilots. Music has been our thing.

We don’t have to talk to communicate we can just listen to music together. My dad is the first man I’ve ever loved and he’s the best man in my entire world. I can only hope someday that should I have hatchlings they have a dad half the man he is because they will be so so very lucky. 

I have the goofiest memories with this dad of mine and I think that’s what’s so great about him. He does the dad thing but he does it in the cool dad way. In fact he’s such a cool dad that some of my friends enjoy hanging out with my dad more than they enjoy hanging out with me.

My dad has taught me to be tough, to get back up when I fall down, and then back up again, and after that again. He patches wounds with duct tape because why use a band aid when duct tape works? He licks blood away instead of going inside to clean the wound off. Okay maybe I just made him sound like a vampire but you get what I’m saying, my dad is tough. The reason I’m so tough, is because he taught me how to be tough. If it’s possible to be a 5′ 6 1/2″ grown man and be tough then you’re talking about my dad.

My dad has also taught me that it is entirely possible to be “old” and still be young. My dad is so young and hip I’m certain that should there ever come a day I’m drunk chances are he’ll be drunk  and partying right next to me. Let’s be honest when my dad has friends over they usually are cute racecar drivers, or some random musician, or some other young human that I stare at awkwardly and wonder how MY dad managed to befriend said human, except for Dudley, Rick, Keith, and Kevin Lewis, the only friends I think he has that are his own age. And while teaching me that it’s possible to still beold and  cooolll  he has also demonstrated to me in many ways that as cool as his old body may be it will still break so I should probably watch out for that when I get old and am cool like him.  

My dad isn’t a gushy mushy lovey guy but he shows his love in ways I’m not sure he always realizes, like the nights we stay up late and consecutively watch independent movie after independent movie on Netflix, or our heated conversations about how stupid politicians are, or our garage talks where I watch him mess around with bike parts on hot sunny summer nights in the garage. My dad is one awesome dad.

I think sometimes dads go unnoticed or people aren’t as lucky as I am and aren’t gifted as awesome of a dad as I have been. My dad knows when he hears a loud thump he should come find me and make sure I’m still conscious, my dad knows the look on my face I make before I’m about to fall over, and my dad has some awesome Mer catching and carrying skills. On days when it seems that everything is impossible he reminds me that it is and I just have to try.  I’ll always be thankful to have such a rad dad that has not only cared for me over the years but taught me how to be a good person in this world.

While I may not be small enough to dance on his desk anymore I can still sit on it and belt out lyrics with him in our so terrible singing voices.

My rad dad I am so thankful you’ve taught me how to be rad and I can’t wait for the many more years I have of learning from you. 

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  1. Beautiful, your dad will treasure that forever. You are such a good writer and an inspiration for others. There are a lot of stepping stones along our path as we go through this thing called life and I know you are certainly on a great path to an exciting future! So proud I can say I am related to you 🙂 Love, Michele

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