I impulse bought a kayak last month. Which long story short is well interesting, for quite a few reasons. My justification was “YOLO”, the old middle school term that means “you only live once.” I used money from my savings account to purchase said kayak, the money that I’ve been depositing from all of my work checks to afford to go to college. My reasoning was that because I now have said kayak maybe I can use said kayak to convince cute boys to come over and kayak with me. However, I didn’t take into account the following things before I quickly went out and purchased a 10ft bumblebee yellow kayak: one being that my sister already has a kayak that fits the two of us in it perfectly, the second thing I “forgot” to consider is that in just about three months I will be moving out of the house to an apartment downtown that has absolutely no room to store my 10ft bumblebee kayak, not to mention the fact that there aren’t many places to kayak downtown on campus should I bring my new kayak with me, nor will I have a way to get my kayak to the place in which I would do said kayaking. BUT I BOUGHT THE KAYAK ANYWAYS! 

I’ve only had my bumblebee kayak for about a month and I’ve already experienced many exciting or well interesting things I should say with it. The first was the actual purchasing of the kayak. The very day I decided to buy a kayak it wasn’t four hours later and I was driving home with a boat in the car and my sister stuffed in the back with it. You see the buying part was very interesting because that color decision was quite the dilemma and the cute kayak sales boy didn’t make my decision process any easier, and when you buy a kayak you have to buy a paddle and all the other necessary kayak accessories. I really know very little about kayaks so this was quite the adventure. If you know me personally then you also know I’m rather small, and so is my sister so the whole kayak purchase really only began this great big adventure. 

I should also include that prior to my sister receiving a kayak as her birthday present last year I had really only gone kayaking about three other times. One of those being for Mallorys birthday in which we were in a kayak of ether when she noticed a spider in our boat and proceeded to stand up in the boat!!! (Something even a kayak amateur knows you should never do!!) so I really don’t have a whole lot of kayaking skills either BUT I BOUGHT THE KAYAK ANYWAYS!!

Now we don’t have our own dock so we store the kayaks on the neighbors in return allowing them to use them any time they please, which really sounds like a great deal except for the fact that climbing up and down all the stairs to get to the dock is a work out in itself. Then little Mallory and I must lug the boats into the water and then we can finally take off. It seems simple when explained but then again if you know me then you know nothing can be simple…..

Today Mallory and I decided we would go for a nice kayak (I assume that’s what it’s called, I’m still new to this whole thing) on the lake. [I must preface this by saying my sister is very independent.] So today she pulled her boat down to the edge of the dock and then I assisted her in placing it in the water and then she preceded to get into her boat and took off. I also must add that I suggested we line up both of the boats by the dock down from where they are stored so that after she got into her boat I could easily get mine into the water and get in it. (Great plan I know!) But either Mallory didn’t hear that brilliant suggestion or it didn’t occur to her that I might actually need help getting my boat into the water, and well off she went. So next it was my turn to hoist my 10ft bumblebee boat into the water by myself and then get in it by myself. I do realize this is probably a rather simple task however I happen to be a rather weak person so it makes everything in life just a little more difficult. Anywho I was determined to catch up with Mallory so I leaned down to put my boat in and then somehow managed to crush my thumb in between my boat and the dock, of course I let go of the boat because my thumb hurt like none other. When I looked down at my thumb I saw blood and loose skin, and being the medical nerd I am I lost all attention of my boat and was enthralled by my thumb. My attention was finally shifted back to reality when Mallory loudly yelled my name to which I looked up to see my boat floating away in the lake. I thought maybe I could jump in and catch my boat but then I realized my life jacket was in my boat, and even though I can swim jumping into the lake meant exposing my new wound to lake water and that could possibly give me necrotizing fasciitis (I know I’m quite the over exaggerater) if it wasn’t already dead. So instead I stood on the dock and watched as my bumblebee boat floated away and Mallory screamed all sorts of things. 

I couldn’t help but laugh because what are the odds that my boat gets in the water and floats away without me. I also laughed because I had absolutely no idea how I would retrieve it. And lastly I laughed because well the look on Mallorys face was priceless. It took about 15 minutes for Mallory to retrieve my boat and send it over to me and she was not happy with me. Once I finally made it into my boat I realized my thumb was still messed up and needed to be tended to but after all the ruckus I had just caused I couldn’t leave my sister to kayak all alone so I made a turnikit for my thumb and off we went and continued on with the kayak adventure.

Needless to say we were only on the lake for about 10 minutes before Mallory decided we were done, I know I know all that work for ten minutes. But hey retrieving a lost boat on your own is very tiring I’m sure,  but then again it’s not like I know!

And while I lay here in my bed and type this blog post in quite a bit of pain (I’m texting this which uses your thumbs and only about 1 and a half of mine are working.) I think what I’m trying to get across is that sometimes you have to just go out and buy a kayak, because you just never know what might come from it. I’m falling asleep tonight with a terribly sore and sad thumb but my heart is so happy as I know we will look back on this day and laugh at all of the ridiculous things that happened. I’m sure this certainly won’t be the last of the bumblebee boat stories.

Sometimes in life you just have to go with the flow and live a little even if it means buying a kayak. We are on this earth for only a short time so we might as well make the best and most fun of it, but we should also try to keep all of our digits and appendages when doing so. There are plenty of other productive things I could have spent my day doing, BUT I BOUGHT A KAYAK ANYWAYS. 

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