Let’s Talk About Cancer. 

Death is hard to talk about, it’s far easier to just skip over the topic. Why should we discuss someone fading away when we could talk about beautiful beaches and gorgeous sunsets. I think the same way often. Why discuss me being sick when I could discuss where I’m at now.

But you see this is where we are causing more hurt. By not having these discussions we are letting our society pretend they aren’t happening. My friends death is very much a thing, it’s happening every day.

I’m not talking about the elderly, people, foolish decisions, or things out of our control. I’m talking about the times we brush over this topic when it’s answers are right in front of us.

I’ve talked a lot about cancer recently and I understand it is a very tragic topic but I’m bringing it up because people my age are living their lives oblivious to the fact that this can happen to anyone and everyone. It’s very easy to consider it impossible  to ever happen to you, but when it does then what? 

We live in a world where medical advancements and research are at their peak! We are at a point we have never been at before! I just recently read an article talking about genome sequencing and how it used to take 12 years and cost TRILLIONS, today it takes one day and costs a thousand dollars. 

The answers and cures are at the tip of our fingers, we just need to reach a little farther.

If we continue to brush over these topics though we are letting these answers and these cures slip out of our grasp. By not having these conversations we are making this research become irrelevant. 

It’s an awful thing to watch someone fade away before you. It’s very easy to push these images to the back of our minds. It is extremely difficult to talk about them. I’m to blame too, even I would rather just forget about it. But I can’t do that, it is not fair to all of those relying on people like me to speak up for them. 

As I’m brought more and more aware of those around me I have come to realize that it so important that I have these conversations with my peers.

Being proactive is key to solving any problem. I’m not saying that just by talking about cancer we will cure it, but I am saying that by talking about it we are getting a few steps closer than we are now.

Our voice is the most powerful tool we have. 

I challenge you to stand up to cancer with me. Don’t let the fear of it keep you quiet, by not speaking up we are letting it win. We are the key to research and education. It is our job to get people talking, to have these discussions, and to give reason for research.

The protocol for cancer treatment hasn’t changed in YEARS. We are in a medical revolution, we have more aspiring doctors now than ever. It is imperative that we find these answers, because they are there, we just have to look a little harder. 

I challenge you to get talking, speak up, have a voice. Let’s start a revolution. Let’s end the C word. Let’s fight back so hard that the word becomes one of the past. Let’s talk so much about cancer so that the generations to come will never have to experience what we are going through now. I guarantee if you think about it you can name at least one person that has been diagnosed with cancer. Some of us can fill handfuls with names. 

So join me friends, lace up your shoes and let’s kick cancer to the curb. #LetsTalkAboutCancer #KickingCancerToTheCurb

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