We only know what we share. 

I wake up each day and am only aware of what others share, mainly because I don’t bother to ask. The other small percent is because they don’t bother to share.

Why I don’t ask I’m not sure. Maybe it’s because I’m worried of what they will share, how am I supposed to react to what they share? Maybe because I’m too scared because I don’t know them and haven’t allowed myself the chance to. Maybe it’s because I just don’t want to, that I might just not care. Maybe it’s because I’ve placed myself on a pedestal and allowed my ego to grow to a size far much larger than it ever should and because of that they seem irrelevant.

But why don’t they share? Maybe it’s because they’re too scared, worried of what I will think of them? Maybe it’s because they don’t know how, nobody’s ever really listened before so sharing isn’t something they’re used to? Maybe it’s because I’ve never paid them any attention, I’ve walked past them every day and never bothered to ask? 

What happens when nobody bothers to ask? Do we keep it all in, but that can only last so long. Do we find an outlet somehow and confide in someone or something that won’t share. Do we lash out on ourselves or someone else because keeping it in is too much but telling someone is too much.

I want to know when it became okay for people to live their lives without sharing. I want to know why someone decided that they wouldn’t share. I want to know how we have just let all this time go by without addressing the fact that we ALL live our lives without sharing. 

I would like to think that if we lived amongst each other feeling comfortable enough to share that maybe just maybe some of the hurt in this world would start to vanish. I would like to think that if we created an environment where it was okay to share no matter what that this world might be a little more  forgiving. I would like to think that I’m not the only one that realizes that we forget or don’t bother to stop and share.

After my life comes to an end there will no longer be an opportunity to share. It is only when I live that I will be able to share. I’d like to know that when I die because someday I will that I have shared all I have learned. 

We only have one life, one opportunity to share, we don’t get to go back. 

Today I lived happily and I had a good day. Today I realized I need to share but I also need to build a place inside myself to allow others to feel comfort in sharing with me. 

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