Month: October 2014


You know what’s disgusting? It’s disgusting that we live in a society where the “flawless” are the most beautiful but how coincidental it is that the flawless are those that try the hardest to be perfect in others eyes rather than finding the beauty inside themselves. It’s disgusting that we’re raised in a world where nothing less than perfection is acceptable but you see we’ve got it all wrong. Flaws are beautiful they give us a sense of individuality and self confidence is gorgeous my goodness we should raise each other in a sense of self love and teach the preachings of being comfortable in our own skin. For those that strive to be the perfect human are far too lost in the habits of what is made to be the greatest that they in turn lose one of the most wonderful things in life, self love. How wonderful it is to wake up each morning with a sense of love for the life you live and the person you are. Stop trying to mask what you’re unhappy about in your life for goodness sakes embrace it because self confidence is sexy and so much more beautiful than you will ever know. Let’s change the stigma of sexy from a model who barely eats that’s a size 00 to a woman that is comfortable in her skin, curves, stretch marks, and all. Let’s grow a love of oneself to break down the walls we build of self consciousness and create a garden of love for one another. Let’s end the stereotypes and move beyond the barriers for love is love and you are you and I am me and it is okay to be you and love who you love in fact it’s beautiful. Let’s embrace our uniqueness and our trials in life. Let’s share our struggles and grow from the help and confidence of others my goodness darling you are far more beautiful than you will ever know and you have the here and the now to understand and find comfort in yourself. If you don’t do it now you never will. Today is the day to start loving you, every inch of you.