A month of Blue.

Maybe you weren’t aware but the month of October is Dysautonomia awareness month which means I need your help turning this month blue! Dysautonomia is a category given to autonomic disorders such as POTS and many more! Dysautonomia International, the most popular foundation for Dysauronomia has decided to get creative by asking all of its supporters to change their profile picture to themselves with an actual pot on their heads to get people talking about POTS! So what is it you tell people when you’re asked why you look like a total goof well the answer is that you’re supporting someone this month fighting an autonomic disorder! Less than 20,000 americans suffer from POTS! This month is all about honoring the doctors that help keep us strong, the families that support our journey, and all of the fighters themselves! Help me and so many others raise awareness by going blue this October! Get your blue on and join the army in the fight against POTS!

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