Admit it……

My name is Merideth, and I have the guts to tell you what you won’t admit. As many of you realize The Fault In Our stars came out last Friday. A book originally written by John Green that was turned into a movie, and a wonderful movie at that. Many of you read the book and prepared yourself to sit down to the plot of Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters, but for those of you that didn’t you were along to see what others had described as amazing. As the movie played you were introduced to so many emotions laughter, happiness, joy, and then…..sadness. And as the movie ended you were left with a blank face, for those of you that cried wether you related to the movie or not something hit you, and for those whose jaws were dropped open because the words couldn’t quite form the right pattern of words to express your feelings. Others left with a smile, what a sweet love story. But that’s not the truth. The fact of the matter is that CANCER EXISTS. And as you walk out of that movie theatre it’s all left on that Hollywood screen, movie stars portraying a story. It’s just a movie to you and nothing more. CANCER EXISTS and wether you have it or not you are bound to run into someone with it or even in 10 years as you find yourself on your death bed because of a disease inside your own body. Yes it won’t happen to you keep telling yourself that and you’ll be okay, and if you get it it will all be okay you can have a love story and you will be alright. But that’s not the truth the truth is that Children with Cancer only get 3.8% of funding from the government and the truth is that we have been using the same tactics to diagnose cancer for YEARS because there’s not enough funding and research. The truth is that 4 out of 10 people who are diagnosed with cancer this year are predicted to be alive five years later. The truth is that each year around 14 MILLION people find out they have cancer and each year about 8 MILLION die from it. That’s over half that are diagnosed……gone. And the sad thing is that to most of us today Cancer is just a word. It’s a noun, a “thing”. Cancer is more than diagnosis to a  Hollywood character in a movie, it’s more than the beginnings of a love story. The truth is that there is no proven cure today that will kill and guarantee NED (no evidence of disease) for the rest of your life. There isn’t a magic pill to that takes away the pain and there isn’t a bandaid to cover up the hurt. CANCER EXISTS AND IT KILLS. And it does not have to be that way. But until we stand as a nation and fight the epidemic cancer will be no more than a thing but it’s bound to be something because it’s predicted that by 2030 the global number of deaths from cancer will be 80% and one of those very well could end up being you…….so make a difference get involved and help defy the statistics. CANCER EXISTS and CANCER KILLS but it does not have to. 

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