Month: April 2014

Meet my Stomach Monsters: Gastroparesis.

I’m often very hesitant about talking about the negative of what my diseases consist of. I like to gloss over them and focus on the positive and what good they have brought me (the people, the experiences, the life lessons, and realizing who I truly am as a person) however I think it’s important people also see what one goes through in daily life so that they may find it in their heart to help further awareness and advocation. I will start of by explaining. Gastroparesis is paralysis of the stomach meaning part of the stomachs functions are paralyzed and often the intestines as well. Because of this a persons functions are slowed meaning the digestive system and other vital functions. When a person with Gastroparesis eats it can often be days before the food they eat is digested causing severe pain and other complications, this is called Delayed Gastric Emptying. I will also say I am not a book of knowledge on Gastroparesis like I am with POTS as I have only had it for about 3 or 4 months. I will try my best to provide an insight into the daily life of someone living with GP. I am not going to sugar coat it I am going to lay it all out. Often times people with POTS end up developing Gastroparesis so about a year after I was diagnosed with POTS GP made it’s way into my life and it is not a happy disease let me tell you. I do not have late stage GP or as severe as people I know and I am blessed for that but even having it at all feels as if it’s a curse. When one develops GP you quickly have a list of foods your body can no longer tolerate without sending you into a flare. When one goes into a flare it can be days of constipation, sharp stabbing pains all over the stomach, bloating like crazy, acid reflux, and so much more. Most people with late stage GP end up relying on a feeding tube to get nutrition because they can no longer eat food, some have it so bad that they can’t even tolerate a glass of water. You can’t button your pants sometimes because your stomach is so bloated that they won’t zip. I’ve attached a picture and yes I was scared to attach it because like I said I would rather just ignore it all. I ate 4 bites of pasta and drank some tea and 5 minutes later my stomach had already started to look like a balloon. I share things like this because I hope for a cure. THERE IS NO CURE FOR GASTROPARESIS. I hope that in the future this will be different and the others to come will not undergo such a disastrous disease. If you would like to get involved there are links and other resources on my blog where you can donate and learn more about GP! Image

The Human Mind. The Human Mind.

Often times the human mind takes the gift of life for granted. Often the human mind takes the gift of breath for granted. The gift of life is taken for granted. And the human mind let’s it fly away the human mind and the beauty of this place. Life is a special fragile gift and the human mind the human mind my ming your mind we take it for granted. And you sit alone in a dark room and you think to yourself and as the thoughts rush through your head not a minute passes by where you think wow life is great. It’s the problems that plague you and the flaws that shake you because the human mind isn’t perfect and the human mind is flawed you are flawed and I am flawed and she is flawed and he is flawed and together WE are flawed. But your flaws are beautify and your flaws make you who you are but the human mind sees them as imperfections and we became uncomfortable in our own skin because society this society we live in it makes this world this world we live in so self conscious. For one to feel so comfortable in their own skin is something that never happens anymore because our society is scared so scared to be who we were born to be. And as you sit in a dark room alone you worry and you come up with all the things you can change about yourself because the human mind the human mind is so beautiful but we’re all to busy to stop and let it sink in. To let it sink in that you are you and I am me and that’s how it’s supposed to be. We aren’t supposed to look like each other we weren’t made to follow the path because the path goes the wrong way. We were supposed to branch out you and me to be our own to follow our heart to live from the start and to love the human mind that sits inside of us because you are you and you are supposed to be you……