Month: February 2014

Don’t Laugh at Me. Support the Potsies to a Close.

Growing up one of the first songs I ever knew the lyrics to was “Don’t laugh at me” by Mark Wills. I don’t remember exactly where this song was introduced to me I believe in kindergarten but the lyrics have always stuck and I do truly believe they’ve impacted me. When I was little I don’t think I appreciated the song as much as I can say I do now but as I grew up and got older the meaning grew and my comprehension of exactly what it was saying grew. One of my favorite parts of the song “In Gods eyes we’re all the same, someday we’ll all have perfect wings”. If you really listen to this song so much can be learned. “Don’t laugh at me, don’t call me names, don’t get your pleasure from my pain.” As the song goes on it describes different situations of people. A cripple on the corner, A girl with braces, A boy with glasses, A single teenage mother. Wether you fit into one of these places perfectly or not I do believe there’s a place in which you can relate. A 3 minute and 34 second that speaks more truth than some will ever realize in an entire lifetime. “I’m fat, I’m thin, I’m short, I’m tall, I’m deaf, I’m blind, hey aren’t we all?” As I started my fundraiser ‘Support the Potsies’ I struggled with putting it into full effect because I knew it required me asking people to buy something. If I had it my way I would pass out the shirts to just raise awareness, but I’m just a 15 year old that currently has 57 cents in her wallet and lets be honest that can’t find a cure for POTS. So as I started my fundraiser I realized and learned that people that really cared and wanted to help me out would purchase a shirt and those that didn’t wouldn’t. I learned that I couldn’t take it personally and had to realize and thank those that did. I type this here today as I close my fundraiser knowing I raised OVER 600 DOLLARS. What started out as a small project hoping to raise maybe 100 dollars ended up raising 6 times that. What started out as just a small thing for friends and family to donate to ended up going to more than 3 different countries. I sold more blue shirts than I think I could ever picture. I believe that by making a difference like this and encouraging people to stand up for themselves to we are able to open peoples eyes, “Don’t laugh at me” will come out of peoples mouths less and we are able to find confidence and acceptance of ourselves. I encourage you to take 3 minutes and listen to this song. Maybe you too will find inspiration from it. Wether you start a fundraiser or just give a cripple on the corner a dollar you are making a difference and that’s something to be proud of. I thank each and everyone of you who helped me raise this money for Dysautonomia International. I have hope and take pride in knowing that someday there will be a different outcome a more positive and hopeful research and knowledge of POTS and I look forward to be able to say I contributed to it. I hope you all are able to find something to take pride in too as it is one of the most rewarding feelings one can have. Mark Wills song: 


“A new pair of shoes is good for the soul”

When I look at my mom I see a strong will, a loving heart, a beautiful soul, a sweet worded, comforting, beautiful woman. When I look at my mom I see a friend, a caretaker, a listener, a lover, but most importantly a wonderful mother. I don’t know what it’s like to raise a daughter with a Chronic Illness but somehow she does it and so amazingly. Quite frankly I don’t even know what it’s like to be a mother. But someday I hope I am even half the mother you are. You have this ease to you and this way of going about doing things that I so look up to. You’re precise in what you do and you do it to the very best of your abilities. Your filled with faith and it pours out oh so beautifully from your soul. When I look at my mom I see such a strong woman. She has a confidence and determination that shines through in every thing she puts her mind to.  She has this way of turning bad days into positives in just a few spoken words. My mom has this motto that “A new pair of shoes is good for the soul” I can’t help but laugh every time I put on my shoes and think back to the day she zoomed out to the store with a sulky me by her side as she skipped up and down the aisles dragging me behind her trying to find just the perfect pair for my feet. Anytime I wear them now I walk with confidence as I know these are the shoes that are good for the soul. I think if I am able to take that lesson from my mom into my everyday life I indeed can accomplish so much more. It might not be a new pair of shoes everyday but it could be a new smile on my face or a new laugh or even a new day as all are good for the soul and all are in my control. As I am faced with new struggles along my journey I have to keep in mind “A new pair of shoes is good for the soul” and put it into motion. I was recently diagnosed with Gastreoparesis (paralysis of the stomach) and as frustrating as it was at the time I now realize that if I look at it and see the positives the frustration although still there begins to fade. I realize that instead of feeling lost and clueless there are now answers which provide me with the ability to get better and find what works. As my mom and I stayed up late the other night discussing how I felt about everything we realized that the worst of everything is behind me already and it’s all just recovery and healing from here on out. I’m thankful for such an amazing mother and here silly motives that I once thought of as pointless but now realize just how much they mean.