The Faces of Dysautonomia

I am a hopeful dreamer and a strong believer. I am an advocate, a supporter, a fighter, an awareness raiser. I am not defined by any of my struggles, rather strengthened by them. I am filled with faith and uniquely created. I strive for equality and stand for others. I am Merideth and I am a Face of Dysautonomia. As my project Support The Potsies comes to a close I can’t help but plan for my next project. I’m more than excited to introduce to you ‘The Faces of Dysautonomia’ an effort to raise awarennes and acceptance for Dysautonomia. Dysautonomia is any malfunction in the autonomic nervous system. As there is no exact number of how many people suffer from Dysautonomia it is estimated likely in the tens of millions. With that being said there is also no cure…. With ‘The Faces of Dysautonomia’  I am excited and hopeful that it will provide information, stories, and eventually provide you with the opportunity to help make a difference for one if not a handful of fighters. As the project is not fully planned out yet but is somewhat outlined. Every week a different person with Dysautonomia will be featured on this blog. As you read about the featured person you will learn who they are as a person, moreover not how Dysautonomia has defined them but how they’ve learned to fight it. It will give you an insight into what life is like for them and how they’ve turned their fight into something beautiful. As each person is featured they will be added onto a collage/canvas. I hope that at the end of the project it will have turned into something wonderful and you will have been able to connect to at least one of these amazing people. A fund will be set up where you can donate and you will receive a ‘I support the Faces of Dysautonomia’ wristband. As many of you know raising awareness has become a big part of my life and I’m eager to help out and make a difference in any way I can. I’m excited to start this project and look forward to bringing it to you early February.


  1. I’m so very happy for this! Being a dysautonomia girl myself, it’s very exciting to see progress being made, and things being done for awareness. Other than write in my blog, I haven’t really done much in order to raise awareness or funds for research, but I would really like to start getting more active about it in any way I can. Thank you for all you’re doing, Meredith!

  2. What you do to raise awareness AND fight this battle is amazing! Can’t wait to see how great your project is! Keep up the good work (:

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