Going home. For you and me.

There’s something about going home and although it’s not the same as it used to be going home makes me feel so free. There’s something about being where you were when you were little. Maybe it’s remembering what it was like being little; so new to the world we live in, so much to learn, just little. There’s something about going home. maybe home for you and me isn’t the same as it used to be but going home is so comforting. Maybe we don’t all have the home we wish to have. Maybe some of us come from a broken home. In the big picture though we all share a home, a home we call earth. We all often get so wrapped up in life (even myself) and we tend to forget the beauty of the home we all share. I find that the times in which I truly feel the most peace are those in which I spend exploring our home. There’s so much our home has to offer us. Years and decades worth of new adventures. Sometimes we tend to get wrapped up in the media and how our home is turning into a place many of us are ashamed to call our home and I think that’s where we tend to get lost. We spend all our time stressing, and getting angered, worrying what our future holds that we often forget to live in the moment. The here the now. We consume so much time and energy planning for our future to make sure it’s good that we often don’t even enjoy the now. What’s the point in preparing to be happy if you aren’t even happy now. But what even defines happy, nowadays happy is having all the riches. What ever happened to making the best out of what we have. And as I sit here laying a hammock with the slight breeze, looking over the lake, with Bon Iver playing in the background I can’t help but reflect and realize how much I take for granted on my home. I can’t help but not notice the ENDLESS beauty that surrounds our home and stop to realize that in the end this home is all we have, and if we don’t take care of it the beauty fades, and the reason to call ourselves so blessed tends to lose its value. 


  1. Hi Meri,
    There’s an old adage that says “Home is where the Heart is” . Sounds like you are experiencing some of this because of your trip to Tennessee. If our heart is in this land of ours, then yes it is our really big home, everyone takes care of their home, well almost everyone. Where do we begin?

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