Support The Potsies; A silent auction.

Support The Potsies; A silent auction.

As you may or may not know over the past 2 months I’ve started a fundraiser called “Support the Potsies” it is a 100% all money earned gets donated fundraiser designed to raise money for further education and POTS research! If you’re new to my blog and have no knowledge whatsoever you can look through some of my previous posts to get “in the know”. To sum POTS up quickly though it is Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, a malfunction in the autonomic nervous system that is characterized by an increase in heart rate by 40 bpm or more with a change in position, most often going from the supine position to standing! Anyways now that you’re in the now and all caught up lets get to the fun stuff! LIke I said I’ve started this fundraiser and have been raising the money through selling shirts! However I made 6 different ornaments/wall decor that we have decided to silently auction off here! All of the money made through the silent auction will be donated to Dysautonomia International, where my shirt money is donated as well! To read more about them you can click on this link here: The way this silent auction will work is by bidding in the comments! To do so you would do it like this for example if I wanted to bid $5 on the 2nd ornament you would leave a comment like this: Your Name, Ornament Number #, Bid Amount!Your comment must be posted on this blog entry or it will not count! You can check back to see if you’ve been out-bid/to place a new bid throughout the week! Bidding will close on Sunday, December 22nd at 7 pm Eastern Time. Thank you so much for all your help and BID ON! (:


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