In a world of BILLIONS you are just ONE.

I had 100 people in a room, and I blind folded each and every one of you and gave you a piece of food. I instructed you to eat it but didn’t tell you what you were eating and I then had you describe it to me. I listened to each and everyone of you as you all described it differently; maybe the concept was similar but the wording was different, did you stutter in between your description, were you quick to react, did you use multiple words or just one? In a world of BILLIONS you are just ONE. Your opinion is just 1 small percent of this whole earth. I once saw a quote that said something among the lines of “We all try to change the world but none of us ever think about changing ourselves”. I still myself am only beginning to understand what the author of it exactly means and quite frankly I will never know exactly what he/she meant. It’s crazy true to me though; we all plan to go to space, or be doctors, or invent the cure to cancer or something else marvelous but we never think about changing ourselves. Nowadays our generation is so swayed by society, we’re molded into this human being that waits in hour long lines the day after a holiday created to give thanks (even though it’s something we should do every second of our lives) so we can buy the newest version of a game in which you control a character who goes on a shooting spree and kills people. We spend hundreds of dollars on phones so we can keep in touch with our friends every minute of the day yet we don’t even know half of the person because all we care about is wether they liked our picture or not or if they saw so and so’s status update. We sit in a living room with our family and claim we’re bonding yet each of us is on a seperate social site/piece of technology and barely a word is spoken. It’s insane to me how we base our political beliefs and religious views off of what we hear on the news or read about in the paper but who even reads the paper anymore because most of us just read news on the internet and base our facts off of wiki pages, anyone can edit them but that’s okay because it’s on the internet and anything on the internet is true. What ever happened to the library and reading, now it’s just reading what Sam did with Sally. I’m guilty of probably all of these things yet I still try to change the world to support POTS. I haven’t even realized though that in order for me to change the world for POTS I have to first truly know myself and change myself for the better. If you asked me what I wanted to be right now and what I wanted to study in college I would tell you I wanted to be a “creative director at an ad agency” how do I know that? It sounds cool. Quite frankly I have no idea what I want to do, I am just beginning to understand myself as a person. I say all the time that this past year has made me realize so much but I will never even be able to begin to explain my experiences to you. I wish I had the chance to travel this world and talk to each and every one of you to hear what your life has thrown at you and what you’ve done with what you’ve been handed. I believe so strongly that we are all placed here on this earth for a reason; to influence others in some way but to do that I believe we must truly know ourselves first. Living in your body and truly Knowing your body are two completely different things. In a world of BILLIONS you are just ONE. ONE mind, ONE heart, ONE soul, ONE body. That’s all you are but that’s not all you have to be. 10 years from now when I’m doing who knows what with my life and I look back on my life who knows what I’ll see but I hope whatever it is I’m satisfied and I feel pleased with it. I’m just here living, in this body, on this earth, in this universe. I’m not living in your body and ultimately I can’t change you, or tell you what to do. I may not know anything at all, and anything I may know might be completely wrong. We only know what we’ve gone through and to go through anything is just an addition to your story as a person of who you are in this world. After all you are only ONE surrounded by BILLIONS.


  1. Sweet Meri,
    Your ability to say what you feel is so rewarding for me to read. I gain more insight into you my Grand Daughter than if we sat down and had a long talk. This POTS thing has given me a whole new look at you and what goes on in your beautiful head. It’s a terrible way to get to know your grandchild and I so wish our relationship didn’t have to be like this, but boy did I learn what a fabulous kid you really are, keep writing my little one, I love getting to know you.

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